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The smartLINK Process - Discovery

smartLINK begins every engagement with an exploratory deep dive, along with our community partner, to learn all about the local environment. We want to know about all the local transit systems, population, business, language, points of interest, parks and more. We call this our discovery phase which kicks off the entire smartLINK deployment process.

  • Phase 1

    Financial Feasibility / Marketing Study

    smartLINK provides a business case for each kiosk that is laid out across the environment. We propose the marketing study to one of our national media purchasing partners and ensure the location of the kiosk fits naturally into the flow of pedestrian travel while optimizing community growth and local business promotion.

  • Phase 2

    Technology Assessment / Infrastructure

    smartLINK surveys the predetermined location for both wired and wireless, electric, concrete and IoT infrastructure capabilities. The results of our survey help us adhere to local standards and ensure our technology is fully immersed in the culture before deployment.

  • Phase 3

    Urban Strategy

    smartLINK works with the country’s premier Urban Strategist who has successfully completed projects for cities ranging in size from Los Angeles, CA to Newport, KY. The team is committed to ensuring our clients’ entire cultural landscape is satisfied by our solution stack.

  • Phase 4

    Implementation and Managed Services

    smartLINK provides a seasoned team of technical resources to fulfill hardware deployments, call center support, remediation, proactive maintenance, and cyber security. We work alongside a seasoned general contractor / engineering team to ensure our smart city kiosks are top in quality.

  • Phase 5

    Continuous Improvement

    Just like Apple, Tesla, and Google we deliver updates to provide a continuously improving user experience. We release new features, updates, apps, content and advertising over the internet so that our customers stay at the forefront of technology.