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By Jon Salisbury

*First off I'm not a transit expert. I am an expert in technology and how systems work together with some expertise on newer technologies which are sometimes hype and sometimes gold.

You hear a lot about self-driving vehicles and public transportation and how all these things will melt together. We even saw an argument about this take place involving the great Elon Musk and a well-respected transit guru on twitter recently. I think the public may be confused and even the industry is a bit rudderless. You can read about this showdown here:

The consumer:

The consumer could care less about Elon (Tesla) being the tool for transport or uber or anybody else. The value is They don't want to think about getting somewhere and want to be able to easily and cost-effectively get somewhere with ease and on time. They also want options that allow them either luxury or efficiency and for the transit to be sequenced properly with the killer app. Basically put in a destination into app and sequence based on personal attributes (no car, likes to bike, fine with the public, low cost, privacy matters) / parameters to sequence out the transit pipeline for them and pre-book the entire process. Then they step out the door and step into the transit pipeline until destination on time.

The Options:

Public Transit

Bus - This is a great option with potential for great efficiency especially if the ridership is high for multi-tenant vehicles. A bus riding around a city all day with 30 people on it at all times and making its stops on time is tremendously efficient and provides great value. New bus types including electric and other forms of power generation are coming to market as well.

Airplane - Planes are what you would use for the long haul unless you fear flying (Like myself):). They are great and the industry seems to have a need for a bit more inventory based on demand.

Trains - Tunnels - Loops - Many options on going to be coming to market the key difference between them will be SPEED. The trains run at a certain speed and loops as well as tunnels with newer tech allow for potentially 10x speeds and even may be on par or faster than planes for the long haul. Trains are great for mid-transit with high usage and larger cities with the proper infrastructure get high usage.

This takes us to the personal transit options which are just you and the vehicle.

Personal Transit

Bikes -

Bike sharing - Stop at a location pickup a bike and be on your way. problems are you have to get to the location and the fit may not be perfect for you.

Personal Bike - Jump on your own bike and pedal way. The fit is perfect but where do you store and it cost a bit for a nicer bike.

Cars -

If you are able to afford a car then you have your own personal transport. Ultimately as cities densify and roads become stopped due to congestion this is looked upon as possible impossibility for everyone. Not the case currently

Ride Share -

If you don't own a care then you will most likely need to use a taxi or rideshare app. These are great but with low ridership can cause increased congestion at peak times for transit in dense areas.

I may be missing one and if you have a transit option I'm missing please just contact us.

Parking -

This is the tough one. Every parking lot owner is a segmented system and has a unique way to approach the market. They are not unified and insight into the lots inventory and availability is truly not transparent. We believe in the future this market will join either through market forces or through regulation which will allow this real estate to managed or accessed, booked and understood in a uniform centralized service fashion.

Lastly the convenience big ticket item. This is where the apps come in. We need to have all of these assets with open systems so that applications can sit on top and sequence together allowing for users to get where they want, how they want, in the time they want, for the price they want.

Once these services are all aligned and accessible through open interfaces the world will improve its transit game considerably! This will mean the consumer means with greater convenience and efficiency.

Author Information - Jon Salisbury - CEO @ smartLINK

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