Smart Campus - Smart City Kiosk & Wayfinding & Digital Signage

By Jon Salisbury

Smart Campus has these primary pillars:

  1. Improve Communications on Campus
  2. Improve campus security
  3. Improve campus brand with new and existing students, faculty and community
  4. Improve campus intelligence gathering mechanics
  5. Generate revenue from smart technologies

So how does a smart kiosk with way finding and intelligent digital signage come in to play? Well it hits home in every area while reaching out to even new opportunities.

  1. Connecticity
    1a. Intelligent smart city kiosk infrastructure provides more WIFI, small Cell and other radio types.
  2. Communition
    2a. Large screens allow for improved manual and reactive messaging including robust 3d wayfinding. This is the ultmate convience tool for your visitors.
  3. Security
    3a. Many cameras in hard to reach spots
  4. Branding
    4a. Custom wrap for your brand with customizable software packages treating each user to a venue specific experience.
  5. Intelligence
    5a. Bring all the analytics into one place for easy to use big data.
  6. Revenue
    6a. Allow sponsors and partners to advertise across the university to create profit centers out of the technology.

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