Why smartLINK?

  1. Promote Business
  2. Real-World Analytics
  3. Security
  4. WiFi

Why your city?

  1. Make your city a smart city
  2. Help your citizens explore
  3. Create awesome experiences


Bring your local businesses to life and promote exploration within your city. Let your visitors know about hidden gems in your city.


Advanced software allowing for interaction via text, email, social media, mobile phone and on screen.


Airflow management, active cooling and heating systems, outdoor ready, rugged by design.


Advanced business intelligence utilizing all 10 sensors included with the MyLo as well as online services.


Bring free connectivity to your city with public wifi. We backhaul with a fiber hand off, fixed wireless hand off, wireless mesh, point to point, and point to multipoint solutions.


Digital wayfinding, CMS, calling, fun selfie station, transit information, event information, games with touch interaction and more.