Augmented and Virtual Reality Impacts to Digital Signage and Smart Kiosks

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By Jon Salisbury

VR is coming but will be around in the short term on smart city kiosks with digital signage. In the short term we will most likely be experiencing AR utilizing apps that have AR readers native, as well as updated phone operating systems that have readers native like iOs11. Initially the campaigns will be viewable largely in the Out of home smart city context; eventually, they might be only viewable as AR experiences.

We already have many apps working in production for AR as the only smart city kiosk company that also designs this type of software / application. Many of our competitors are just learning what this technology is.

Example applications are a state of the art mobile soccer game / app we have created as well as a world 3d application we have integrated with.

New applications involve education programs which utilize camera technology on the kiosk for viewing areas with augmented smart buggles to fill in with information. Signs of the future are augmented, virutal and real.

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