Bridging the digital divide

and the physical world.

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Our Work

Success stories from a few of our customers.

  • 1-mile fiber build consulting with Cincinnati Bell
  • 60 wireless access points in design
  • Student home internet work with grant proposal
  • 50 Smart City Nodes deployed with additional WiFi
  • 100 Audio sensors
  • 100 Video Sensors
  • 100 Environmental Sensors
  • Smart Parking initiative
  • 2 mile wireless deployment
  • 2 Wireless transmitters
  • 10 access points receivers
  • 10 smart synced audio amps
  • 20 speakers
  • Music across the main city street

smartLINK is providing kiosks for the city to promote exploration, messaging, and analysis of points of interests featuring city parks.

smartLINK is providing kiosk around the lifestyle center which will include content management engagement and interaction. This solution will feature a strong advertising program which will provide a profit center to the facility.

  • 20 x WIFI access points
  • 60 + machines changed from rs232 and media to WiFi / IP
  • Industrial management software introduced
  • Module sizing and installation
  • Machine configuration
  • Dashboard introduced with analytics
  • In partnership with sister company Smarthome HQ
  • 600+ devices in ZigBee mesh
  • Centralized Hub
  • Video sensors
  • Smart vents and Smart thermostat
  • Smart lighting and Smart power
  • Automation customization based on sense from numerous devices

smartLINK is providing kiosk around the lifestyle center which will include content management of the app, website and kiosks all from the same location increasing efficiency and creating a market first technology solution.

Details coming soon

Our Partners

Global smart city leaders.

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Our Vision

Driving innovation with compassion.


We are connecting people through technology.


We believe in bridging the physical world with the digital world.


We are making technology feel human.


We are driving value out of interaction.

Our Strategy

Creating the smartest cities on the planet.


We learn what problems you face, so our technology can help solve them.


We use an empathic approach to truly understand your city or campus.


With the rapid change in technology, we set the stage for future growth.


An eye on inclusivity is kept throughout the entire project.


We view all of our customers as our partners, and work together accordingly.


We use agile methodologies to rapidly learn and adapt to change.

Our Leadership Team

Who we are.

Jon Salisbury

CEO & Co-Founder

Russ Middleton

CSO & Co-Founder

Nick Duskey


Jack Illes

Urban Strategy