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Amaze your visitors with an impressive 75" high quality display, synchronized screens, personalized messaging and more.


Easily navigate through the world with SmartLINK's custom 3d Way-finding experience. Get real time directions sent to your phone.


smartLINK bridges the digital and physical worlds with sensors that provide centralized analytics enabling you to understand and measure the physical world.


75 inch touch capacitive display

HD video camera

Climate controlled capsule (outdoor ready)

Full customization available

100% Managed by smartLINK

Emergency and concierge buttons

Ultra fast wireless phone charging

Locality card scanner

Enterprise outdoor wireless access point

3 ft 4 in

7 ft 9 in

is your smart city partner



is the smart city engine

We help fund, assess, design, deploy and support IoT for your smart city.


Smart Cities

Create smart cities through our smartLINK Node technology

Generate revenue for municipalities

Drive tourism with advanced way-finding and gigabit internet access

Provide digital insight with community portals

Utilize Nodes to connect municipal camera systems, smart parking, & e-waste management

Retail Communities

Gain key insight into customers with advanced video analytics & WiFi marketing connections

Connect the smartLINK Node WiFi capabilities into your marketing automation systems

smartLINK Nodes create profit centers at no costs to businesses

Connected Campuses

smartLINK Nodes provide WiFi at no cost to city residents

Nodes readily provide access to city services, maps, & directions

The 911 button provides quick access to Police/Fire/EMS in case of an emergency

Quick USB charging is available for citizens on the go

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